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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


Beta Epsilon Omega, the 55th graduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, was chartered on March 24, 1934. The charter members of Beta Epsilon Omega were: Minnie Redmond, Phyllis Damon, Emma Washington, Dorothy Hunter, Chrystal Tulli Lunceford, Alice Mason Amos, Mildred Raynor, Augusta R. Cash, and Pauline Fite.


Their foresight and fortitude established the chapter as a strong pillar in the Memphis community. From its inception, Beta Epsilon Omega has been identified by its projects and programs of service. During the 1930s and 1940s, efforts were focused on the National Health Projects in Lexington, MS. In the 1950s, the chapter incorporated the arts into its community outreach, through the staging of several productions and cultural events.

Other projects included the United Negro College Fund, scholarships for deserving students, the YWCA, and Health Fairs. Programs targeted at young African Americans, including the Teenage Improvement Club (TIC) and Operation Big Sister (OBS) were initiated by Beta Epsilon Omega to encourage the youth to remain in school and to educate them about the hazards of drug use and abuse.


Over the years, these programs have been adjusted and readjusted to meet the needs of our continually changing society. The members of Beta Epsilon Omega continue to dedicate themselves to delivering Service to All Mankind via Chapter programs and the goals of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


Jane Venson-Talford 2020-2021

Teleesa Payne Mason 2018-2019

Stephanie A. Greer 2016-2017

Cynthia Bryant Welch 2014-2015

*Rayverne B. Wilson 2012-2013

Ruth W. Burkes 2010-2011

*Freda Greene Martin 2008-2009

Debra A. Davis 2006-2007

Mary J. Hines 2004-2005

Marilyn J. Evans 2002-2003

Pearl Hines 2000-2001

Lashell Vaughn 1998-1999

Lizze P. Haley 1996-1997

Inetta F. Rogers 1994-1995

Hollye M. Shotwell 1992-1993

*Gloria H .Tuggle 1990-1991

Gertrude D. Scruggs 1988-1989

*Hattie W. Smith 1986-1987

*Doris S. Lewis 1984-1985

*Molly P. Long 1982-1983

Josephine A. Bennett 1980-1981

Velma Lois Jones 1978-1979

Julia D. Woodard 1976-1977

*Cathryn Johnson 1974-1975

*Hattie C. Irving 1972-1973

Juanita Y. Chambers 1970-1971

*Elma H. Mardis 1966-1969

Velma Lois Jones 1964-1966

*Marjorie Iles Ulen 1960-1963

*Callie Stevens 1957-1959

*Georgia V. Harvey 1954-1957

*Emma Tom Johnson 1953-1954

*Marion Johns 1952-1953

*Helen M. Hayes 1950-1952

*Ruth T. Beauchamp 1949-1950

*Katheryn Perry Thomas 1948-1949

*Alma R. Booth 1946-1948

*Johnetta Walker Kelson 1942-1945

*Louise G. Armstrong 1940-1942

*Ethel J. Perkins 1938-1939

*Emma Washington Bradford 1937-1938

*Mildred Raynor Jenkins 1935-1936

*Minnie Redmond Johnson 1934-1935

*Ivy Beyond the Wall 

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